From Our President Director

Masami Kan

JRC (Japan Radio Co., ltd.), For more than 40 years, has contributed through our efforts for the betterment of Indonesia. In fact here and there, even where you would not have thought JRC's radio communications facility would work. Let me introduce some real examples.
If you look at the screen on a big ship in the harbor, you can find a white screen that uses a red JRC logo. Ships that communicate with radio stations throughout Indonesia use our company's products. In the Straits of Malacca-Singapore is equipped with ship's control system. At the airport of Jakarta and Makassar, equipped communication system for aircraft arrangement officers for arrival or departure. In the city of Jakarta, the city of Bandung & its surroundings in West Java, in the city of Padang in West Sumatra, the alarm system of natural disaster management was put in order to protect the Indonesian people from the disaster.
Therefore our communication facilities are spread all over the country so that the people of Indonesia can live comfortably & safely.
However, in this vast Indonesia, there are still many cities that have not reached the infrastructure facilities as described, therefore we consider that the "market" is very big and we are present as an Indonesian company. PT. JRC Spectra Indonesia a subsidiary of Japan Radio Co.,ltd that was establish on April of 2017

JRC is making the most of its knowledge, technology and experience built up over many years in various fields of information technology, contributing to the safety and security of people around the world. Based on its core technologies that it has developed since its founding, JRC is creating new worlds of communications from people to people and to environments by leveraging its three business units, Marine Systems, Communications and Solutions

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